How to Do a Roundoff

These are neat by themselves, but once mastered, they are preparation steps for bigger jumps / flips. Have someone there watching and spotting while you're learning. Good luck!!

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Run to start your roundoff, and hop on one leg in the above position. Usually the first leg (I'm standing on it) is not your power leg. I don't have enough space so instructions continue on next page.

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Continuing on: This way, you hop on your weak leg, step into your power leg, and spring off it into your jump. This is called your Prep.

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This would be after the Prep, when you're on your power leg. Bend and push off of it to give you power and speed in your roundoff. Your hands are reaching to the ground while on your power leg.

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It's hard to see, but I'm facing the camera. Just clarifying so you don't try to rotate the wrong way. From your power step, jump legs up to a handstand. Keep your legs together to reduce resistance.

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Land with your feet facing the opposite way than you started. Land with bent knees to absorb impact, prevent injury, and prepare you for your next trick in combinations.

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YAAAY! You did it! Sometimes an awesome stance us needed at the end to channel your excitement :) this isn't actually necessary, but it's fun!

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For those who need to see the direction you're rotating, I mapped it out for you :) It took me a few tries to get it right! Don't mind the weird looking feet, I gave up on drawing nice ones earlier...

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This is a roundoff doing the steps with very little / minimum power.

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Roundoff with medium power. The jumps back at the end are my excess energy, which in a combination would be put into the next step. i.e. roundoff back handspring.

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Handspring at full power (ish. It's been rainy so I didn't go quite full out so I wouldn't bail. Which I nearly did anyway :p ).


I didn't trust the wet grass, so when it's nicer I'll do roundoff back handsprings! Until then, have fun, be careful and believe in yourself! :)

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