How to Do a Handstand

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Be sure to wear loose, comfortable clothing when performing a handstand. When properly dresses, begin by pointing your dominate foot in front of you.

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Raise your arms above your head. Be sure to keep them straight and stiff.

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Use your dominate foot to kick your non-dominate foot into the air. Keep your body in a straight line and your arms straight and stiff.

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Use the momentum from the kick to propel both feet into the air. Keep your body straight over your shoulders and your hips as flat as possible. Tip: looking at your hands will increase stability.

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To come down, split your legs so that your dominate foot will land on the floor first. Your non-dominate foot will follow. Lift your body so that it comes up while your non-dominate foot comes down.

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TA DA! Finish in a "gymnast pose," with your non-dominate foot behind your dominate, arms up, fingers pretty, and eyes up. You get a 10.0!

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Once you understand the concept of a handstand, try some other leg positions, such as a split...

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...or a stag. This is a great way to have a little fun while developing some great shoulder muscles. But remember to always be aware of your own body as well as others who may be around you!

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