How to DIY Scented Laundry Detergent

Makes about 300 loads for around 12 cents per load. Good for top and front loading washers. Now you can do your laundry with the fragrance you like! Recipe adapted from

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Gather your supplies. Most can be found in the laundry aisle at Walmart. You can purchase the Washer Whiffs online at:

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Place the garbage bag in the bucket as shown. You may want to wear a mask as a lot of dust is kicked up in the process of mixing.

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Start adding the ingredients to the bucket. I began with the Borax. (You can add these items in any order you like.) About $3.

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Add the Arm & Hammer Super Washing Soda. About $3.

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Add the Arm & Hammer Baking Soda. About $2.

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Add the Oxi Clean. You can also use the generic brand, if you are able to find it. About $9.

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Now you will add the soap. There're a few steps in doing this. (Note: you can also use Pink Zote soap, which can usually be found at Kmart.) About $1 each.

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First grate the bars of soap. I used my electric grater, which makes this part super easy.

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Optional: Because I wanted a finer grain of soap, I chose to blend it. If you do this step, only put about 1/2 a bar of the soap in at a time, otherwise it clogs the blender.

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Now add your fragrance. I chose Scenty's Coconut Lemongrass. Other fragrances available are: Sunkissed Citrus, Quiver & French Lavender. 1 for $12, 3 for $35, or 6 for $60.

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Once all of the ingredients have been added, shake the plastic bag in order to get everything well mixed.

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Ta da! Here is what your homemade, fragranced laundry detergent should look like. Your clothes will come out of the wash smelling amazing!

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I poured some of the mixed detergent into the empty Oxi Clean container. Put a lid on the rest and store for later.

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I used the Oxi Clean scoop to add detergent to my loads. Fill it halfway for regular loads or all the way for heavy duty loads. Sprinkle the detergent on top of the clothes and start your load.

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Add a Scentsy Dryer Disk to your dryer and infuse your clothes with even more scent. Also available at 1 for $7, 3 for $20, or 6 for $35.

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