How to Diy Fringe Tank Out of Old Tshirt

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Put scotch tape across the shirt to keep your cuts even. You may want to try the shirt on to see where you want to fringe to start.

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You may end up with some slices uneven and wide at the bottom. Feel free to clean up pieces like this before the next step. Or not. I feel it all adds personality.

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Close up of how your strands should look.

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Once your finished pull the strands down. This makes them skinnier and longer.

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The longer strands are the ones I pulled down the shorter ones are how they look just cut.

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Next you want to put a small knot at the ends. This is a perfect place to add beads or pins to make it a little more rock n roll!

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I decided to make this a tank so I cut the sleeves & collar then use one of my strings (you can use ribbon/safety pins/threading) to gather the back and and give it a T-back. You can leave it as is.

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I cut a V neckline and gathered where I liked it and secured with a tie.

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I really love this look! I hope you do too!

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