How to Cut Your Own Bangs

I've haven't rocked the front fringe since I was a kid, so I spontaneously decided to attempt the look on my own as an adult. This involves twisting for a more textured, and less straight-across bang.

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Hello! Begin with dry hair and comb down hair in front of your face starting at the top of your head.

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Roughly section the hair.

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With a comb, section the hair making as clean a line as you can from the top of the head towards the outer corner of your eye on both sides.

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Comb the section of hair straight down so all hair will be even.

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Tie the rest of your hair in a ponytail to keep out of the way for the next steps.

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If you are right handed, slide your right fingers down to the length you'd like to cut. If left handed, do this with your left fingers... I will continue as a right-handed person.

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Next, twist counter clockwise, and take hold with your left fingers. Now your right hand is free to use the scissors!

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Time to cut! Take your scissors and cut a horizontal line below your fingers as best you can.

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Eek! Haha

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You can see the result of the twist effect as the middle is shortest and the sides are longest. However, this is too long for me so let's shorten this up so I can see. This is my first time!

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Repeat the same twisting motion starting with your right hand an grab with your left. Same thing, just less hair than last time.

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Ok, I like this a little better, but for my preference it's still not short enough. I do like the length of the sides so I will keep these the same length.

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So, section hair again with nice clean lines using a comb again, and repeat the twisting, switching hands, and trimming a horizontal line as before.

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After a little bit of tweaking with scissors cutting at an angle to even out the lengths a little bit, I'm pretty much finished!

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Take a small amount of Bumble and Bumble Brilliantine styling cream to run through bangs to give it a more textured an shiny look.

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Finished! I'm so proud because this technique won't turn out perfect, and I'm quite the perfectionist. Avoid trimming too many times or you'll look up and it'll be much too short before you know it!

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UPDATE: after wetting my hair this morning and blowdrying it, it really did look short. Remember, clean hair will curl more and appear even shorter than you cut it! I'll wear a hat or pins this week.

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