How to Crochet a Simple Shawl

Using simple stitches and an easy pattern repeat, you can make a great shawl that works up quickly!

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I use UK crochet terms. E.g; tr= US dc, dc= US sc etc. If you can do chains and treble you can make this!


Use an appropriate hook for your yarn. I usually use sock/baby weight yarn and a 3.75mm hook.

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Start out with a "magic ring". I wrap the yarn 2-3 times around with the tail end to the right.

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Put your hook under the first two loops, catch the ball end tail and pull through, make a chain to secure.

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This is pulling the yarn through!

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Ring secured with a chain.

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For this we are using 3ch as a start point.

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After making 3ch, make 2tr in ring, ch2, 3tr in ring. [3ch=tr]

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At the end of r.1, ch3, turn, 2tr in first tr, ch1, [3tr in centre chsp, ch2, 3tr], ch1, 3tr in last ch of turning ch.

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The next row should have three chsp. The central chsp is the only 2chsp, surrounded by 3tr in the 2ch in the row below.

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Pattern: ch3, turn, 2tr in first tr, *3tr in a ch1sp, ch1, 3tr in a ch1sp*... 3tr in last st of turning chain... Ad infinitum! (repeat is *to*)

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Don't forget your magic ring! Pull the tail end of the yarn gently...

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... to close the ring! Weave in the tail end (along with any other tails). You might want to make a knot, just in case, but I don't usually bother.

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The centre, half way up the middle on the left hand side is the starting point. Each row you add two more clusters and increase the sides.

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Huge shawl! Can also double as a desert scarf.


Please comment if you need any help or clarification etc. Please let me know if it doesn't make any sense and I will update or modify the 'ible :)


1 Crochet hook
1 Bunch Yarn
2 Stitch markers
1 Scissors
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