How to Create That Rock Chick Eye Makeup

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The original rock chick smokey eye easy to do but can look like a raccoon if done wrong!!!

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Prep the eye with primer or in my case I just use a cheap foundation

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Cover the Lower lid roughly with black kohl pencil. You don't have to be neat.

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Line the waterlines both top and bottom with black kohl liner. No pink should be showing.

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The brow bone to the black liner add a Matt flesh coloured face powder.

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My trusted Illamasqua neutral palette the best palette on the market. Illamasqua is a UK brand it's amazing and I know they are now selling to USA and further afield now!! It's worth every penny.

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With the black from my Illamasqua palette I'm now adding the shadow to the roughly applied kohl. Under the eye I've added powder to catch the black fall out!!!

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So this image you can see I'm building more black and blending upwards gradually to meet below the brow bone using my mac blender brush best brush I own!!!

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So what you can see here I've blended into the brow Bone removing harsh lines and I've added a touch of midnight blue to the centre. If you look along top lash you'll see I've added a rough dark line

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I'm now adding mascara I'm using Loreal voluminous lashes as always I don't use lashes I don't need them but if you do then feel free to add them.

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Finished clean all the fall out away with a wipe and now you can do your base and the rest of your makeup. I love this look effective easy to do but also easy to get wrong it's all about blending!!!

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