How to Create Skull Makeup

Looking for an easy and quick way to freak someone out? Here you go! :)

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Cover the eyebrows with several layers of the glue stick. Make sure they are entirely flat and dry. Then, use concealer to make your eyebrows disappear!

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Cover the entire face in white cream make-up. Blend into hair and neck.

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Fill in around the eyes and the nose with black eye shadow. Use a pencil when necessary, such as the lower waterline and any patchy spots.

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Use the liquid liner to draw lines for the teeth. Then connect the tops and the bottoms. It doesn't have to be perfect.

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Use the pencil and the eyeshadow to create the cheek bones. Shade the side of the face and under the chin. Lightly create eyebrow bones.

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Use the liquid liner to create cracks if you'd like. For the neck, cover in white and brush on black stripes. The hand is the same, except using eyeliner. Enjoy!

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