How to Create Ombré Nails

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Here are the china glaze colors I will be using, feel free to use any color combination you want though!


Using a clear base coat (I'm using strong adhesion base coat by china glaze) paint all of your nails and let dry

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Once base coat is completely dry, use your lightest nail polish (I'm using hang ten toes by china glaze) to paint one coat on all of your nails!

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Take your next darkest color (I'm using purple panic by china glaze) and with a damp sponge , sponge the color on nail starting about 1/3 of the way up. I have shown before and after nails above.

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Repeat step 4 for all nails, making sure to dab sponge to create ombré effect. Don't worry if you make a mess around nails, we will fix that later!

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Repeat steps 4 and 5 with darkest color (I used flying dragon by china glaze)

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What nails should look like

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I like to do a strip of the darkest color and blend it down also

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Take middle color and blend with the sponge into to purple

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Repeat step 9, blending lightest color into middle color.

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Clean up around nails with nail polish remover and q-tips or cotton balls

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This step is optional- coat nails with a glitter coat to add some pizazz! (I used luxe and lush by china glaze )

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When nails are completely dry, use top coat ( I used fast forward top coat by china glaze) to seal in your nail art!!


Congrats!! You now have some ombré nail art to show off, enjoy :)

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