How to Create Natural, Everyday Makeup!

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First, start out with a clean face. Since I feel I don't need any face makeup, I'm going to be focusing on my eyes.

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First, start with applying an eyeshadow primer all over your eyelids. I'm using urban decay's primer potion.

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Make sure you blend it all out, including near your tear duct!

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Next, I'm taking this natural nude color and applying it all over my lid. It's maybelline's eye tattoo in barely branded. It doubles as an eyeshadow and primer!

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Blend it all over the lid. Notice how bright my eyes are already?

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Take a bright eyeshadow and apply it to your lid, setting the cream eyeshadow. I'm using "virgin" from the naked palette, but you can use anything!

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All blended in on my lid! You can barely see it, but that's the point.

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Next, take a bright white and blend on your inner eye. It makes you look more awake and your eyes look bigger!

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Now for the mascara and eyeliner!

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Apply your mascara, slowly wiggling the lashes with the wand. Since we're keeping this au naturale, I'm only using one coat. This is maybelline's lots of lashes mascara.

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With my eyeliner, I simply started in the middle of my eye and lined as close to my lashline as possible, then slightly flicking the ends out. Voila!

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For my eyebrows, I just fill in any bald spots and blend away. Don't go too dark!

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Add some rosy lip tint and lip balm, and you're done!!! Hope you enjoyed this tutorial! ☺🌸

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