How to Create and Assess Student Quizzes on Your iPad

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Go to and select "Make a Test".

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Give the test a name and password. Remember your password and test URL (as it is not retrievable).

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Add an introductory and conclusion statement as necessary. Give the test a pass code so only those with the code can enter. Customize the options for how the user will take the quiz & receive data.

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Begin adding questions. Questions can be given various point values and be categorized as True/False, Multiple choice, Multiple response, and Fill in the blank.

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Make sure you select the correct answer for each of the entries as this key will be used to grade student entries.

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Type in the questions and answer choices. Fill in the blank is case sensitive (make sure both options are added or you specify which case should be entered as it will be counted wrong otherwise).

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Change point values and edit/add questions prior to publishing.

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Tap Publish. Avoid adding, editing, and revising after publishing as it may "violate the integrity" of the reports.

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Note the URL for the assessment: and provide students with the password.

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Provide students with a generic login or #. They will enter this info as well as the passcode for the assessment.

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Items will be randomized for each user. Once they have completed the assessment, they tap submit.

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They will now receive an immediate score report (based on the custom options selected in creating the test).

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The test admin (that's you) will use the same link ( and access the admin tab with the original password they created.

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Test admin will receive a score report with individual and class data that can be viewed as well as exported as a csv file.


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