How to Create a Lovely Home Salon for Cheap

Cut overhead & turn a spare room into a full service salon FOR CHEAP!

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Walls & Ceiling Before....

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Floor before.....

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The most important thing is to have a viable water supply. Whether you're a stylist, nail tech or esthetician.

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Floor after.. Purchased at a wholesale store. Ceramic tile, burl wood pattern. This was probably the most costly part of the salon.

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Paint job #1.. With GLITTER! Paint purchased at Walmart @ $12 per gal.

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Walls, ceiling & floor. As we move on, pay attention to the vase. You have to compromise when being frugal. I wanted a nice salon but didn't want to spend thousands. Vase/garage sale, table too!

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There it is.. My salon. Concrete walls and floors transformed. Chair found in a dumpster dive. Beauty school in your area? Their dumpsters are the BEST! Iron rack, eBay $45 w/10 irons. Reg. $400+

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Table, garage sale $5. Magazines, subscriptions $5-6 via groupon & Living Social.

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Art purchased at Marshall's or TJ Max for $12. Table deco....found in our kitchen. Therefore I'm sure it came from a garage sale.

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I decided to update the salon with pain that I purchased at Walmart to give the salon a modern look. Paint, still $12 per gallon. Mixed opaque & gold glitter in it.

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The only NEW piece of furniture I've ever owned! $155 from LCL (find them on eBay). I do lashes, brows & facials in this chair. My space is too small for a facial bed. Check out the vase! I sprayed it

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I got this shampoo bowl as a graduation gift from my mom 17yrs ago. I'll tell you, the plastic ones are the way to go. Very easy to install and move. The chair is a styling chair (beauty school dive)

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Dryer chair still has tag on it. I found it on eBay for $60! The dryer, dumpster dive.

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Garage sale purchase. Just-in-case I need a back-up.theres the vase.. Spray painted the vase AND the floral with spray paint purchased guessed it, Walmart!

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Cart, Walmart around $37. Canisters, Walmart too!

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Supply closet, menards during a super sale. $25.

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This is my station. I put a wooden cutting board on top to give me more working space & to be able to sit my irons on it. Cart $80, Sally's. board, $10, Walmart.

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Nail polish shelf is a cd/DVD media shelf I found at Walmart for $40.

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Nail chair $19. Nail table is actually a writing desk. I found it at Walmart for $49, as well as the chair.


This is my home salon. I love it. It cost us around $500-700. It was the best gift EVER! I keep the heat vent closed, use lights when needed. I save a ton in gas!


I must tell you that on the cover of this guide is a refrigerator we found at a garage sale. I used black duck tape to change the color! LoL, boy am I cheap!

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