How to Create a Bedside Charging Station for iPhone/iPad

I wanted to create a gentleman's electronic valet next to my bedside for all my gear. I am very pleased with the finial design. It will charge my iPhone , ear piece, bluetooth keyboard and iPad.

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Mark your pattern, set it up on the drill press and get comfortable. Check your depth don't go too deep.

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Drill and drill some more. Set the depth so it doesn't go alway through.

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You can use your router to knock out some of the wood that you couldn't drill

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Wow thats a lot of holes.

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Lots of drills and used the router to get the rest of the wood cleaned out. It is starting to look like a square bowl. Use Blue tape to protect the edges.

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The wood made lots of red dust, it was all over me, my glasses and the shop. Wear eye and nose protection.

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Dust field from MARS.

Image for Step 8

My arm after router work, yikes.

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Okay the gentleman's valet is starting to take shape after some sanding. Note beautiful wood grain.

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Final assembly,good idea to clean up the dust before you get to danish oil and get dust on the fake leather.

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Found the back plate to a picture frame and started to trim to fit. Take off with knife or scissors. Take a little bit at a time, you can't add it back once it's gone.

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Starting to take shape, cardboard laying on fleather ready for next steps.

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Fold over leather or felt your choice.

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Trim the corners with scissors.

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Add spray adhesive to back of felt and fold over and press firmly, you can add some weight to hold it down.

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Found some plastic spacers to keep the card board level and give room for all the charger wires have room. You could use wood block if you need.

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After the adhesive on the board has dried add hot glue gun to fold over the corners. Don't worry this is all on the underside and is not seen.

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Try not to glue your thumb, it's really hot.

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Okay measure thee times and drill your hole for all the chargers to run thru. I suggest go out the back but you could go out the bottom. Don't make the hole too big, say usb plug size.

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Inside view of charger hole.

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I see the light.

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I have run the various cords for a test fit. Make sure they can move smoothly and don't bind.

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Use a zip tie to manage the cables don't over tighten.

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Cables secure and spacers hot glued in, almost ready for the leather top.

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Add a few sticky pads to protect your furniture and to keep your valet sturdy. Add the leather piece to the top.

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Test fit, Move cables and devices around to fit to your likening.Note depth of leather board.

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Looking better, holds iPhone charger, ear piece charger, iPad charger, and blue tooth keyboard charger.

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Pretty cool gentleman's electronic valet ready for action.

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You can extend cables for iPad charger or you can tuck them away if they are not needed.

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Check out my other Snapguide for iPad natural speaker amplifier.

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It will work with your iPhone and increase speaker volume with no extra electronics. I gained 25 db with the cave underneath bouncing the sound.

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The electronic valet chargers all my devices, holds my wallet and a small flashlight.

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Looks great, works great, makes me feel organized at night and wake up ready to go because I can find all my stuff. Pretty cool.

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