How to Cook 'Roti John' With a Twist

Roti John is a popular dish in Malaysia but usually they use the other type of bread like for sausages. You can substitute the chicken with meat if you like

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Gather your ingredients. I forgot to include the chilli sauce and the mayonnaise and no, the kettle is not needed in this recipe. Hehe


Thawed your frozen mixed veges and minced chicken in the microwave for like 2 mins.

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Mixed all of them in a bowl or a tupperware like mine except the butter and bread. Don't forget to crack your eggs..LOL 😄

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Melt the so.. I'm cooking in a multi cooker because that is only what I have in the moment. You can use your fancy Tefal pan 😜 Make sure the butter coats your pan evenly

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While waiting for the pan to get sizzling hot, mixed your egg mixture evenly like so..

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When it's hot enough, pour a little of your egg mixture. I'm dividing them into two part here.

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Then quickly take a piece of bread and placed them on top. Make sure you press them a little bit so that the good stuff will stick nicely..

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While the eggs mixture are cooking, flip the excess part of it to the side of the bread to make it look prettier..and yummier :D

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Flipped them over after a while. Make sure the chicken are properly cooked because we don't want Mr. Salmonella to come pay a visit..hehe. And do make sure to turn the heat to medium or less..

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Done! Spread some mayo and chilli sauce over the top. Hope you guys like it! :)

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