How to Cook Jamaican Barbecue Chicken

My mom makes the best Barbecue chicken ever & I made it for an event I was a part of. Everyone seemed to love it because there was none left for the other half. Hope you enjoy :)

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First off you are gonna wash you're chicken with vinegar & water, then peel off the skin. If you like you're chicken crispy you can leave the skin on.

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Then you can cut up you're onions, garlic & habanero peppers & mix it in with the chicken.

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Add in oil & all-purpose seasoning then mix with your hands.

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Cover the chicken with Tin foil & place it in the oven for 20 minutes on 350°.

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Uncover the chicken & Pour out the access water forming at the bottom into a bowl.

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Then add in the barbecue sauce, honey & ketchup until the mixture is thick enough.

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Add the mixture to the chicken with a spoon or a barbecue brush.

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Put the chicken back in the oven uncovered for another 10 minutes. Then flip them over & put it back for another 10 as well.


Then enjoy! I hope this 8is helpful.

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