How to Cook Fish L'Orange With Micho

Move over Duck L'orange this two in one fish recipe is for those who want a healthy, upmarket tasty recipe without the deep sea budget. Lets go fishing!! Remember to check out

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So this is what we're making today... Simple, zesty fish L'orange with Micho. Hope you try this. It's really quite delicious and healthy.

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It's been a few weeks already since my last guide and I haven't forgotten any of your requests. I've missed smapguiding a lot and just back from my Asian cookathon, I have much to share with you guys.

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Line up the spices as usual. Visit my website for more secret recipes and information daily. And we should get started on this fish before it swims away.

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2 pieces of hake (cheap and tasteless) I am not much of a fish eater so no taste, no smell means I can add the taste myself and feel like in eating something healthy hhahahah. Use salmon if u like.

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We are going to bake one fish and fry one fish. So let's bake first: Start with aluminium foil, 4 slices of thick orange, then the fish fillet then sliced garlic. Get your spices ready.

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Sprinkle sprinkle little star. Oh how I wish this was chocolate powder and white choc right now. However my weight loss plan must continue. Don't deny it, you wish this was chocolate also not fish ;)

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Add the dried chives and vegetable stock powder. Wrap it up and stick it in the oven for 20 minutes on 200 degrees. After 20 minutes let it sit for 5 minutes without opening the aluminium foil.

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Get a guide from your fellow snapguider Glenn Hole and do a 20 minute stint. check his guide out. Loving the workout! Thanks Glenn :)

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So just out of the oven and see the juices in the aluminium foil. Don't throw them away, use them as a sauce. Coz ur not allowed tartare or mayonnaise lol.

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Take the fish out of the foil and serve. If you don't want the garlic you can remove them. But since I'm not kissing anyone I'll leave them on.

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Eat the cooked orange too! Don't be scared, it tastes great and has loads of vitamin C. U know that already. So wont give you a vitamin lesson.

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Now the fried fish: Same ingredients but we will have this for dinner. Repeat all the steps and wash your hands!! Did you miss me?

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Wrap it up in cling wrap and put it in the fridge until dinner time. I chose hake as the fish, as it has no taste or smell. I dislike fish so this makes me feel healthy without thinking its fish.

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Your last orange. slice thinly and decorate your plate. I'm not much of a decorator but you can get creative as you like. I'd love to see your creations :)

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Now just before the sun sets, take your second fish, shallow fry it with olive oil. About 5 minutes each side. Make sure you don't burn the fish. Gentle medium heat turning it over a few times only.

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Steal your Father's biggest rose and snap a pic and upload it to my Facebook page. Lol.

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Drizzle some of the juices that are in the frying pan. So easy, healthy and has just enough zest to make it a no frill fish dish.

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This is what's coming soon to WalaoehTV's Cook With Micho.

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2 Large Hake or Barramundi fillets
3 Fresh oranges
1 Teaspoon Vegetable Stock powder
2 Tablespoons Dried Chives
½ Teaspoons Allspice powder
1 Teaspoon Ground pepper
¼ Teaspoons Chilli flakes
2 Tablespoons Olive Oil
1 Teaspoon Honey (optional)
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