How to Cook Country Fried Chicken Cutlets

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Get your bowl or plate to put all the seasoned cutlets before frying. Also get a plate to put your cutlets on after cooking, put 2 paper towels on the plate to catch the excess oil.

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Gather your ingredients on your countertop before handling chicken and open all tops. Pour your oil into your frypan (don't heat yet).

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Oil added to frypan about 1/4 to 1/2 in deep.


Pull out your metal end tongs and slotted spoon and set aside. Then remove cutlets from refrigerator, trim fat and slice if desired and wash in cold water then lay them out on a cutting board.


Wash hands thoroughly in soapy hot water and dry with a paper towel (food safety) 😄 From now on use your tongs to handle the chicken. If you don't have tongs then you can use a long fork.

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Season cutlets with all of your spices, use tongs to turn cutlets over and season the other side.

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When seasoned put all your cutlets in a bowl. Turn on your burner to a medium flame (or setting) to heat your oil.

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Beat 2 eggs in a bowl large enough to fit your largest cutlet in lying flat comfortably. I like to use an oblong flat baking dish for this. I start with 2 eggs and add the 3rd egg later if I need it.

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2 eggs beaten

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Add bread crumbs and Panko to a large container, mix

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Ahh finally some extra hands! When your oil is ready (its ready when you drip 1 drop of water and it pops hard). Dip cutlet into egg mix, turn, then move to breadcrumbs, coat, turn and add to hot oil.

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Cook, when edges turn brown use tongs to turn over. When both sides are brown remove & add to plate with paper towel. The result is a delicious country style chicken cutlet. Serve while warm

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Remember to clean you counter and stove well to protect from bacteria. Wash all bowls, cutting board and utensils in dishwasher or hand wash in hot soapy water. Then enjoy your meal! 😍

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Tonight's I was in the mood for a sandwich, with American cheese, ranch dressing and some chips on the side. 😀

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