How to Cook Bacon Anywhere Using an Alcohol Burning Stove

A great easy to make stove for camping, back packing, bush craft and survival.

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This is the stove, and this guide will help you make it. :)

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2 Cans, you can use Pepsi, beer or other brands. While I feel this design is very safe use this at your own risk.

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Mark some lines on the cans One just under an inch The other just over an inch & quarter

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Top tip to get straight lines - turn the can on a flat surface.

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First on the can with the line that is higher do a rough cut.

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Do a final cut. Here I'm cutting in an anticlockwise direction even though its hard to see the line. Cutting clockwise would not give me a straight line.

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While one is still uncut force the can inside the other.

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Twist it in. Then twist it out. Do this a couple of times.

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Now on the uncut can make 8 holes with a pin. This is actually fairly easy to do.

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Make one in the middle.

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Cut that can out as well now

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Slide one in the other like so. Be a little patient and don't force it.

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Push it all the way down.

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Make another 3 holes around the centre hole - this can be done when making the other holes.

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Put a penny on top, make some wind shields if you wish.

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To use, half fill with methylated spirit, put the penny on, put more methylated spirit over the penny and light. It will take a minute or so for the jets to starts working.

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Yummy bacon on a nice day to the park. :) It will burn for 15 - 30 minutes. To stop it let the fuel burn out. Take as much fuel as you need - only a little is needed for bacon. Very portable.

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