How to Cook an Egg in a Basket

How to cook an egg in a basket or as some call it a toad in the hole. It is a perfect simple breakfast or late night snack.

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Get one piece of lovely bread. The bigger the better.

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Lightly toast your bread. This prevents soggy bread and helps cook bread faster. The cooking time of an egg is too short to attempt both at once. Plus this gives a nice treat as you will see.

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Cover side one in butter.

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Now cover side two in butter. Important to do both sides & edges of bread because you will end up flipping the bread halfway through, the butter helps cook / not burn.

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Now for the fun part. Take a small cup or a lid from a spray on butter can or something like that. Something about 2 - 2.5 inches in diameter works best.

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Now cut a hole with the lid right through the middle of the bread.

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Perfect. You can see how there is ample space around the edges. This allows the bread not to break easily.

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Now for my favorite part, take the small puck and eat it, it is delicious. It is like the perfect piece of toast.

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Turn your heat on to about medium. Get the pan nice and warm.

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Now take your pan, heat it up and place the bread in the pan with a teaspoon of butter in the middle.

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Once the butter is nice and melted and starts to sizzle a little bit, it is time to bring in the egg.

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Now crack an egg right into the middle of the hole.

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Salt-and-pepper a little bit to add flavor

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Now cook for about a minute and a half. Carefully lift up the edge and see if the bottom is nice and solid maybe a little bit of golden brownness.

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Now flip it. You can see the egg has been cooked nicely on side one. The egg has cooked into the edges of the bread nicely. Again salt-and-pepper. Cook the second side about a minute or so.

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The second side takes a little bit less time to cook, but check and feel if the firmness is to your taste. Some like it more runny some like it more firm.

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Flip back over as the first side is typically the pretty side, and place it on your plate.

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You can either use a fork or eat it like normal toast, but warning if you like it runny, a fork is preferred to avoid the mess. The nice runny yolk and the toasty bread makes a great combination.

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