How to Contour & Highlight Your Face

A basic guide to highlight your best features and hide your not so good :)

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Gather your supples... I am using a med brown eyeshadow and model co luminosity highlighter


First I will show pictures of each face shape and where the shading & highlighter should be applied...

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Here is face shapes and the contouring/highlighting to suit.... Black - shading/contouring Purple-highlighter Pink-blusher or bronzer

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Round face: you want to make the face appear more oval and defined. Shade (brown powder) the corners of your jaw. Highlight chin to give length & apply blusher/bronzer along cheek bones

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Oval: the "ideal" face shape... Shade behind your temples, along the hair line. Apply blusher on the apples of your cheeks and along your cheek bones

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Square: You want to reduce the harsh angles. shade the four corners of your face, along the top outer edges of your forehead and corners of your jaw and apply blusher along the cheek bones

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Long: you want to minimize length. shade the top of your forehead along the hairline, and the bottom of your chin. Highlight the hollows of your cheeks and apply blusher along the cheekbones

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Diamond: you want to create a more oval appearance. shade your chin and the edges of your face along the hairline. Highlight the four corners of your face and apply blusher along the cheek bones

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Pear/triangle: you want to detract attention from the jaw. shade the corners of your jaw. Apply highlighter along your hairline at the top of your forehead and blusher to the apples of your cheeks


Basically you want to apply dark powder to the parts of your face you want to minimize and a light shimmer to the places you want to highlight, which I will also show you how to do now :)

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Apply foundation and concealer as you usually would. I use Vani-T mineral liquid, and then a Vani-T mineral powder after shading :)


Figure out where you want to shade, I have a square-ish shaped face and widows peaks, and I like the big cheek bone look....

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Using your brush of choice collect brown powder and tap off excess, apply to the desired area. Looks funny but don't stress....

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Using your finger rub the powder to blend and remove harshness. And repeat with the other side, you can use the brush but it takes practice :)

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And the hairline.. Thanks girls for the leopard nails post!! :D

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Time to apply your powder! I use Vani-T mineral powder, and always use a kabuki brush with minerals :)

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"buff" the minerals onto your face in circular motions, I will show you in the next step..

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I had already applied my powder, just a quick vid to show how... Sporting the Marilyn Monroe pimple and the idiot box is cranking in the background :)

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Apply blusher on the apples of your cheeks and along your cheek bone for warmth, remember start with less, you can always add more :)

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Time to highlight! I like to use my fingers with liquid/cream makeups

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Dot along the highest part of your cheekbone....

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And dab to blend :)

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Finish your makeup by filling in your brows and doing your eye makeup as desired :D Any questions feel free to ask & I hope I helped :) x

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