How to Compress Watermelon for an Awesome Hors D'oeurve!

Love the mix of sweet & savory! Here I use a little physics to help me intensify the flavor of my watermelon. Use as an hors d'oeurve or add to an arugula salad for a super-summery starter! Enjoy.

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Pick up a yummy watermelon!

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Cube watermelon and save your scraps. Discard rind and outside.

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Purée scraps, so you can add back to compressed watermelon in future step.

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Purée away!

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Reduce purée in half, this will intensify the flavor. If your watermelon isn't super ripe, feel free to add 1 T of honey to the reduced purée.

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Chill purée completely before continuing. I'm using a Irinox Blast Chiller. Will be below 39F in no time at all!

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Meanwhile, add cubed melon to a vacuum bag. Or foodsaver bag.

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Once liquid is chilled, add 1/8 C to the bagged melon.

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Adding liquid to melon so it can be incorporated back into the fruit will intensify the flavor!

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Next, I'm going to add the liquid back to the melon by cold boiling the purée & fruit together in a vacuum. This step will not work in a Food Saver, but you can still use one to compress any fruit.

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Et Voila! Enjoy, and thanks for checking out my guide!

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