How to Clean Your Sperry Top Siders

Sperry Top Siders are incredibly durable boat shoes. Because of this, they are worn often and build up a lot of grime before the end of their lives. This is an easy way to clean these bad boys.

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All supplies but the laundry machine and laundry detergent.

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Soak shoe in water and put some dish soap on it. Scrub as much of the shoe as possible. Note: Remove laces completely to avoid fraying.

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Next, soak a cotton ball in nail polish remover and apply to the spots that you couldn't scrub out.

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This is especially useful on the lighter colored leather. Scrubbed with nail polish on the left. Only scrubbed with dish soap on the right.

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Remove insoles from shoes and put shoes and insoles into pillow case.

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Tie a knot in the pillow case and insert into laundry machine. Add detergent and set for a long cycle with cool water.

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After wash, put your shoes out in the sun to dry. Congratulations, you just cleaned your Sperrys.

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With your newly cleaned Sperrys you may want to add some mink oil to protect the leather.

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