How to Clean Out Your Gutters

Cleaning the gutters is an important task for any homeowner. I live in San Francisco where it rains a lot so I try to do it every few months. When I go on the roof I always tell someone I'm up there.

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Gardening gloves and a bag for the debris in your gutter are the main supplies you'll need.

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Before climbing up on your roof make sure it's not wet. Be certain to wear the proper attire, you'll be getting dirty. Make sure to wear a pair of shoes with proper treading, you don't want to slip!

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We have a bunch of bamboo. They are beautiful and make an amazing sound in the wind but sure make a mess!

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Climb up on your roof, sometimes you'll need to devise creative ways to pull yourself up! Then start cleaning your gutter. It's normal to find leaves, dirt and other debris. Remember to be careful.

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Wearing your gardening gloves remove the debris.

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Put the debris in your bag.

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You'll probably find all sorts of corners that have been neglected!

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Enjoy your view, it's usually beautiful up on roofs!

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As long as you don't have any synthetic materials you should be able to compost all the dirt and debris you collected. I got a few pounds this time!

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