How to Clean Jewelry Quick and Easy!

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Here are dull, cloudy earrings in need of a nice wash! You can wash any kind of jewelry with gems, crystal, or diamonds. Rings, necklaces, earrings, etc. can all be cleaned using this method.

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Step 1 - Start with a cup, and pour your oxy clean powder into the cup. Only about 3 table spoons.

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Step 2 - Separate jewelry and then put into the Oxy clean powder. In this case, I am using earrings, so I separate the earring from the backing.

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Step 3 - Once your jewelry is in the cup with the powder, pour HOT water into the cup until it starts to bubble high.

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Your cup should look like this. Now, wait 10 min for your jewelry to clean.

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Step 4 - Now, drain the water from The cup, you can drain any way that is easiest.

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Step 5 - Wash earrings until clear under hot water. Then dry off the earrings with a Towel.

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Now the earrings are Clean and clear!!

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See the difference? (left is before, right is after)

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