How to Clean Dog Hair Off Furniture Leg Pads Easy!

We grew up with a dog and my Mom always did this simple household trick for removing dog hair from furniture legs before vacuuming. We kept the unlikely "tool" in our kitchen junk drawer.

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With a dog like Molly, the best way to "pre-clean" our house is to brush her first! (In good weather I do this outside) Good thing she has a cute face and does tricks!

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Before vacuuming I shake rugs, gather up dog toys and move the stools. Molly is not allowed on the carpet and she knows to stay on hard floors but her hair still gets around.

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Under each stool leg the felt pads get pretty caked with Molly's hair!

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My mom taught me years ago how to quickly remove this hair in seconds.

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All you need is an emery board nail file. I keep one in our kitchen junk drawer...

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See how easy?

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Clean! And no damage to the felt pads. Now to vacuum up the floors!

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Keep an emery board in a handy drawer and next time your furniture legs get like this, try it!

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