How to Clean a Gas Cooktop in a SNAP!

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This is a weekly process that I use for the cooktop that doesn't take long to do. Its a better alternative to commercial oven cleaner. I try not to let spills build up and bake on.

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Well used cooktop. Sweep away loose debris.

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Supplies. 1 tsp. Borax, 3 tbsp. vinegar, 2c. hot (not boiling) water. Out of the tap is fine, but I just made tea, so this time the kettle. Mix it in the empty spray bottle

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Saturate the surface and grills with the solution. Try not to puddle it in the burners or your igniter will fail. Allow it to sit for a while, but don't let it dry out. Go and have that tea.

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This cooktop is 12 years old. The enamel is decayed and the metal is starting to corrode too. I suppose I should be wearing gloves for this process :(

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Give the rest of the surfaces a quick scrub

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Look at those grills gleam!

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Soak up the solution with a dry paper towel or rag

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Rinse and buff to a shine if you wish! Really caked on baked on stuff will require some scraping, but it will be softened up somewhat from the solution. Remember, clean up spills as they happen.

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All done. Now go ahead and mess it up again. Start to finish 20 minutes (including processing time).

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