How to Clean a Developer Tank on a Noritsu 3111 Printer

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Carefully remove racks 1 and 2. Wait for them to drain completely before taking them to the sink for a wash.

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Once racks are removed, attach clear tubing to CD (developer) drain. Run other end to your bucket and open the valve.

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Pay attention as your tank drains. Make sure your bucket doesn't overflow. This process will take about 10-15 minutes.

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This is what the tank looks like as its draining. Notice the dark color and buildup around the top of the tank where the racks sit.

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An empty developer tank. Lots of sediment at the bottom and dirty walls. Those holes at the bottom are the drains. Both holes drain to the same valve.

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Another shot of the empty tank. Sometimes large chunks of sediment will get lodged in the drain holes. If that happens you will have to clear them out with a wire or sometimes a siphon will work.

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Crusty buildup at the top of the tank. You have to get it all clean.

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Lets get in there and clean! Wear your PPE.

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A clean tank!

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No more crust.

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Freshly cleaned and ready to go.

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After cleaning, and closing the drain valve. The tank is ready to fill back up. Follow the recipe in the chemical binder for the 3111. This is the hot, fresh water going in.

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Once the water is in. The next step is to add fresh Developer Starter. Again, follow the recipe. Ours calls for 3900 mls. Make sure to measure carefully.

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The final part of the recipe calls for replenisher (a premix of developer and water). The easiest way to get it is to use a clean siphon to get the amount you need from the replenishment tank.

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Add the premix to the tank and you are all done. This is what a clean developer tank should look like. Put the racks back in and make sure to run control strips to make sure everything is calibrated.

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