How to Choose a Microphone

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Unidirect microphones, also known as "Rockstar Mics," are useful for vocal or instrumental performances or high noise areas. They are also very durable.

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The cardioid microphone is very versatile and ideal for general use. Reporters often use these microphones for standing interviews.

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Omnidirectional microphones pick up everything around them. Use them for capturing interviews, pickup of audience reactions, musical events, or ambient sounds.

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Use a stereo microphone for studio recording or broadcasting. It is good to use with instruments.

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Shotgun microphones are useful for film shooting as they are held off screen and can be mounted onto a camera or boom pole. The mic will pick up the sound in the direction it is pointed at the best.

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Use a lavalier mic to record yourself giving a speech or lecture. Lavaliers are also useful during video recording if you have to move around a lot, as it is attached to the person speaking.

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Use a boundary microphone if you want to record on stage or want a discreet microphone to record a conference or lecture.

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Good luck and happy pickings!

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