How to Change Wheels on Your Inline Skates

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It has been a few years since I changed my wheels!

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I bought this pack of wheels from Amazon. It includes everything you need - wheels, bearings and spacers.

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Make sure you get the right parts as there are different sizes of wheels and different kinds of bearings and spacers. The wheels I bought came with the wrong spacers so I had to reuse my old ones.

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Find an allen wrench that fits and unscrew the axel.

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Use the allen wrench to poke the axel out through the wheel.

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Repeat this for the rest of the wheels. I like to screw the axel parts back together so they don't get mixed up and are harder to lose.

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Yeah, these needed to be changed badly.

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If needed, remove the old bearings to get the spacers. There is a special tool for this but I could not find mine. A screwdriver works in a pinch. Rock and pull the screwdriver to get the bearing off.

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Spacers have been liberated!

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Use a screwdriver to poke out the new bearings so you can replace the spacers.

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To put the wheels back on, start by putting the axel back in. There is a groove the axels sit in so they can't spin so turns the axels a bit until they pop in to the groove.

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Now put the screw cap on the axel and tighten. The wheels should spin freely as you tighten the screw.

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Now repeat seven more times! Pro tip: keep the labels on the wheels all facing the same way - I keep them outward. This makes it easer to keep track of things when you rotate them later.

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And you are done! Have fun and be safe!

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