How to Change the Oil on a Mazda 6

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Supplies: oil, filter, wrenches/sockets, gloves, oil catcher, rags, jack stands and jack.

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The 2006 Mazda 6 has a 15mm drain plug, and you must use a wrench, no clearance for sockets.

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My daylight was running out quickly and my wife got home late, so I'm using a fan to help with the cool down process, this will help when you have to remove the filter

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Jack the car up on the passenger side, as this is the side of the drain plug

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Always use a jack stand, I have it positioned on the frame rail, then let the jack down. Jacks can fail and you don't want to be under a car when it does.

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15mm on the plug and adjust the catch pan. If you are using a fan, turn it off as you'll blow the oil everywhere

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Tighten back

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Move the pan directly towards the front, that's where the filter is

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With a hot motor, it sucks, but I was able to unscrew it with one hand

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Take your new filter and dip your finger in some of the oil, then grease the rubber ring, this will help this gasket seat better

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It's always good practice to put the oil cap on the hood release. This way if you forget to put it back, you can't close the hood. Click the picture to see what I mean

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I fill the empty oil bottles back up to recycle at the store that I buy them from. It's easy with that white line on the back

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Mark the old bottles so I don't accidentally reuse them

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