How to Care for Your New Tattoo

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So I recently got a tattoo sleeve as an early Christmas present and here is how I have been cleaning and looking after my arm!

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So this is my fresh tattoo sleeve and as you can see it's very red and a bit swollen!!

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In the shower or just over the sink, lather the body wash and some water and gently wash your tattoo. It might hurt a bit to have your arm under the pressure of the water so I suggest leaving it out!


Dry it off by dabbing the area!!!

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I'm using bepanthen which is for nappy rash on babies but it works great! Just gently rub the cream all over!


Put on an old jumper afterwards so you don't get the cream over good clothes! And NO SCRATCHING YOUR TATTOO!! Your skin will go flakey and itch but do not scratch whatsoever!

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So it's flakey and itchy atm. Not sure if you can see well but those black dots are my skin. It looks a bit raised but this is normal! Just an update for those who are thinking of getting a tattoo. :)

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