How to Build Your Loadout

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Decide on whether you want a vest or a plate carrier. We carry mostly MOLLE (MOdular Lightweight Loadbearing Equipment) here at Fox but we also have some fixed tactical vests available.

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We're going to use a Condor Plate Carrier for this tutorial.

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Hydration is the most important part of playing Airsoft. If you get dehydrated on the field you are done for. Keep drinking water all throughout the day to keep hydrated and in the game

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For MOLLE gear, you will want to properly weave your straps into your vest/plate carrier. The next few steps will show you how to properly install MOLLE pouches, panels and any other MOLLE gear.

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Weave more

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More weaving

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Getting close

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Snap at the end to secure whatever pouch you are installing.

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There are all sorts of mag pouches for different types of mags so you can customize your gear (which is why MOLLE is so popular). We have a couple types of M4 mag pouches shown.

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Utility pouches are a great place for keeping all sorts of field necessities like tools, CO2, grenades, BBs, Speed Loaders, granola/candy bars and any other small items that you might need.

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A sling that is integrated into your vest is one of the best ways to keep your gun attached to you without adding all sorts of extra bulk with a single or two point sling wrapped around you.

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G-clips, surface mount clips, Grimlocs & all sorts of other clips are a great way to keep your gear secured yet allow easy-access on the field. Use them to secure your gun, hydration hose, goggles etc

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Patches are a great way to customize your loadout, represent your team, represent your state, promote your sponsors, identify other players on your side or maybe just put a smile on your face.

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