How to Build a Planter Box From an Old Fence

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Start by sorting your wood, this fence was rotted and we had to replace it. I'm sorting by boards and posts to see what I can reuse

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I set up my saw on some saw horses and started cutting out the rotted pieces, then sorted them by length

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Trying to reuse as much as possible

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Rotten pieces in the recycle bin and shorter usable pieces on the right

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Longer pieces on the front, staggered and I nailed them to good pieces of the posts on the inside. Figure out your dimensions first. Measure twice, cut once.

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Just need to scrub it down and put a fresh coat of paint, and all it cost me were the nails.

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Placed it, leveled it and filled the bottom with rocks to drain, then the rest with soil. We are going to compost in it for a while them plant a garden.

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