How to Build a Pizza Oven

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Cover the base with a layer of fibre blanket (or sand if the top of the base is stone or concrete.

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Place the fire tiles on top of the blanket.

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Place a styrofoam box on top of the tiles (=substitute for sand) where the centre of the oven will be.

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Cover the box with sand building it up to form the inside shape of the oven. Place a board where the entrance to the oven will be. If you already have a door place that against the sand first.

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Hold the door and the board in place with a few bricks or the like whilst finalizing the shape.

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Mix the castable with enough water to make a mix that is not too runny and apply this over the sand, approximately 50 mm thick. Mix another batch and apply this over the first layer.

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Leave to dry for 24 hours.

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Remove the sand and the styrofoam box. Use a brush to brush most of the sand off the wall.

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Cover the oven with a layer of ceramic fibre blanket (25mm), then cover the blanket with aluminium, hold temporarily in place with some heavy objects.

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Ensure that the blanket is completely covered with the foil to prevent it getting wet from the render. Then cover the foil with chicken wire as a base for the render.

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Cover the oven with render made by mixing one part of vermiculite, three parts of dirt and one and a half part of cement, mixed with enough water to make it into a thick sludge. Apply a second layer.

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Clean it up and place the door in front or inside the entrance.

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A week after starting the process, gently fire up the oven. Slow fire until the outside feels dry. When using the oven the outside wall will feel warm. Enjoy cooking!

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