How to Build a Camp Fire

Building a camp fire using grass and a fire stone (or matches!)

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Assemble your fire grate, bricks on the floor metal tray on top to collect ash and the fire basket on top

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Place some kindling in the basket to make a base so stuff doesnt fall through. (Spectators should ensure of a full glass of wine at this point)

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Place a couple of pieces of char cloth on the grass and strike firmly the Firestone to cause sparks to land on cloth. (no char cloth or firestone? Use matches!)

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Gather the smouldering grass and blow until it catches.

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Try not to burn yourself with the burning grass

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Place the burning grass into the fire basket.

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Assemble some kindling on top taking care not to smother flames. A gentle blow can help things along (or firelighters)

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Finally add some small logs. If you have any part burnt logs from the night before use those too as they burn well.

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The more logs you add the better the fire! Go grab a beer and some marshmallows.

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Camp fires best are enjoyed with a beer. Starring Kris Purdy a fire starting virgin who needed to start a fire to tick off a '30 things to do by 30'

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