How to Block SMS From Messengers (Yahoo, AIM)

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If you didn't know it. In some online messengers such as AIM and Yahoo. They can send you SMS text messages to your mobile phone number. You could receive spam text or text from an annoying Ex.


Fear not though. You can easily block them from using these messengers to send text messages to your phone. Here's how.

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Here's the Block number to AIM. I suggest you add it to your contact under the name AIM Block so you'll be able to use it any time you wish. So 265007 is the block number.

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265008 is the unblock number. I recommend creating an AIM Unblock contact as well in case you ever decide to unblock someone in the future.

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To block someone from sending you text messages through the AIM messenger. Simply text their username to the AIM Block number. You'll receive a text letting you know their username is now blocked.


To unblock someone from sending you text message through AIM. Simply text their username to the AIM Unblock number.

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To block Yahoo messenger from sending you text messages. Create a contact for the Yahoo Block number (92466). But read on before using it. Yahoo is a little different from AIM.


If you do not want to receive any Yahoo! SMS text messages, text "block all" to 92466. (without quotes)

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If you only wish to block messages from a specific Yahoo! ID, text block [username] to 92466, where [username] is the Yahoo! ID of the person you wish to block.


As you can see in the previous image. If you text unblock [username] to the yahoo block number it'll unblock them.


I hope someone finds this helpful.

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