How to Add Video Files to Your iPad

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The formal way to sync media to your iPad is through iPhoto. However, this method can be a hassle. The following SNAPGUIDE offers a better solution..

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You will need a SD Card Reader with USB like this one by Kodak. You will also need a SD Card and an Apple Camera Connection Kit.

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For this demo, I'm importing a video from my computer to the SD card. Insert the SD Card into the USB Card Reader. Wait for your computer to read the device.

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Open the Card Reader and create a new folder. Add the label DCIM, which stands for (Digital Camera Images).

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Open the folder labeled DCIM and drag your video file inside the folder. The file must have 8 digits. Example: 123_4567. In this case, the underscore is counted as a digit.

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Remove the SD card from the SD Card Reader and insert the card into the iPad Connector.

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Insert the connector into the iPad. Wait a few seconds and the video file will appear. Select the file and click import. Note: Files should be m4v or mp4 files. .mov files will not play on the iPad.

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That's it. I hope this tip was helpful. The camera kit also comes with USB adapter when importing photos directly from your camera. You can also check me out at

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