• Homemade Gifts for 5 People on Your List

    Holidays are about giving but that doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot of money. Here are great gifts for five different people on your list that are simple enough to make yourself! Plus, you’ll get extra points for putting in a little time and really showing you care.

    The Doting Grandma – Give Grandma a lasting glimpse into your daily life by turning your iPhone shots into some awesome magnets for her fridge.

    The Nostalgic Techie – A a bonus gift, buy them the book that the case was made from on Kindle. This way, they can read a book on a kindle that is being protected by the same book.

    The Coffee Addicted Friend(s) – This gift not only is useful, it helps reduce waste. Make a bunch of them and give them to all your coffee loving friends – we’re sure you have many of them.

    The Coworker or Neighbor – Here’s a thoughtful gift that just about anyone will use and enjoy. Who doesn’t like honey?

    The Faithful Pet – Animals love getting presents too! Here’s a gift that will show your support for your favorite football team and make one happy kitty on Christmas morning.

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